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Thanks for everyone who came out to see
Full Production,Lights,Sound Staging,Staffing.
Talent for Every Stage/Event
Event Production, Planning & Vision.

Bring STP in to take every detail from start to end.

We are experienced at bringing the best working knowledge to your project, and securing the vendors, contacts, and crew for your events.  

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

"We hired Silver Tiger Production to handle all our sound, tech and crew needs for the annual Showdown Showcase series with over 5,000 people people attending.  Not only did the STP crew set up, manage and operate in a stealthy no nonsense way, they ended up helping the stage manager, talent, and  the rest of our event staff.  This year, we have Silver Tiger Managing- the tech sound,  talent and stage crew- and we know we are in good hands. 

Jane Harris - PSO group

" Our band had been working in bars, lounges, and clubs for over 5 years.  When Silver Tiger Production picked us up, they quickly ironed out what we could do to improve, upgrade and make our show an event better venues wanted to hire.  Our transformation was an exciting change and ultimately enabled us to be working at bigger stages, festivals, and with  great national talents.  


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